A precious reissue of the classic 80’s psychedelic album on its 30th anniversary, The Steppes’s Drop of The Creature, housed in a full coloured gatefold sleeve, enriched by the songs lyrics and rare vintage pictures, as well as two excellent and rare bonus tracks from the period that fit perfectly in the album’s mood.

Originally issued by Gregg Shaw’s legendary Voxx label in 1986, Drop of The Creature, received critical acclaim and includes fan favorites such as “A Play on Wordsworth” and “Holding Up Well.”
The Fallon brothers’ band penetrated psychedelic folk territories, even digging into their Irish ancestry, with brilliant, sometimes epic results, characterized by mature writing that does not disdain the group’s subtle references to the Beatles, Kinks, Byrds and a touch of eerie medieval atmosphere, all presented in an absolutely original way.

“Here, they exercise more than a few wily late ’60s West Coast acid and folk-rock moves which, doubtlessly, helped to enrich their sound; lighter, pastoral approaches and a teeming vault of literary greats and wide-ranging Americana-style sounds would also influence their thinking. Somewhat unusually, the album’s cornerstone comes in the form of un eight-minute plus instrumental, “History hates no man”, a buoyantly winding, raga and music box infusion that, along with the monumental “A play on Wordsworth” encapsulates the height of (then) modern guitar music in an exemplary fashion, and which the likes of (US) Kaleidoscope, Spirit and Moby Grape would’ve been proud to call their own”. (Shindig! Magazine)
“Thirty years on, Drop Of The Creature never ceases to amaze.” Rumore Magazine
“The Steppes represent one of the most shining diamonds of the psychedelic finest hour.” Rockerilla Magazine