The Kryng come from Holland and present their debut album, mastered by Mr. Tim Warren himself, the man behind the legendary Crypt Records and the world-known Back From The Grave Sixties Garage compilation series. With a mix of Garage-Punk, echoes of Neder-Beat and Powerpop, these three Dutch guys deliver an instant underground classic.

On bass there’s Peter Kroes (The Keefmen, Low Point Drains, Miracle Men), on drums Arjan Spies (Mark and the Spies, The Kik). Their ace in the hole is singer/guitarist Mark Ten Hoor (The No Goods), a craftsman extraordinaire when it comes writing catchy and powerful songs.
Take a wholelotta 60’s garagepop, some 70’s punk, a handful of 90’s indie-grunge-rock and mix them together and there you have it. What else can we add?Just go for it and get ready for their second album!