The Above are the purest Sixties sound act around these days!
You’ll hear influences from The Zombies, The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Animals, Them, with a strong British R&B and Freakbeat influence as well as solid rhythm and melody taken from U.S.’greats as The Remains. All about them is vintage and fresh at the same time. They’re THAT good. Buy this album, you won’t regret.
It’s hard to find a more period accurate retrorock band than The Above.
Even more than the debut album, the band’s technical skill has increased and with the sophomore LP Waterbury Street you’d swear this is a lost rock band circa 1966-68. Lead singer David Alan Horowitz is patterned after Ray Davies and the music is a combination of Pop, Rock and Blues most closely associated with The Kinks, The Who, The Animals and The Creation. What makes the band standout is also the exceptional songwriting. Coming Around and Do You Have Healthy Mind? are both hip shaking perfection and even the song The Prisoner relates to the era (all about the 1967 British TV show).
Goons is another gem sounding like The Who’s early Mod hits. The R&B stomp of Dog Without A Bone keeps the variety going, and the Rickenbacker jangle of Ordinary Life is infectious. I couldn’t find a dud or ounce of filler here. Highly Recommended for sure!