Pete Kosanovich is a young folksinger and a multi instrumentalist born in Belgrado. When he was 9 years old his family moved to U.K., where he has grown up and currently lives. He discovered music as a child: at 4 he learned to play piano, at 6 the violin and at 13 he picked up the bass. Two years later he started playing guitar and lastly harmonica at 17.

This lovely debut album is the result of his early and growing dedication to music, here in a solitary dialogue. Pete Kosanovich sings and plays piano, guitar and harmonica, distilling 13 Blues and Folk songs. Winter Train, Get Down And Ride, Digging In The Dirt – the more bluesy tracks – are characterized by strong and exciting purely Dylanian-style harmonica digressions but in the end they sound atypical for Pete’s timbre is – far from traditional blues – decadent, vaguely sick (a-la Jonathan Richman)and at the same time pleasantly naif. Most that influential, in this sense, the sticker on the front cover that beyond the gratifying comment of Liam Gallagher, Gary Powell and Andy Ross, reports Kinks’ Dave Davies’ quote: “I love the tune in Pete’s voice, it’s very sincere and honest”.

Pete Kosanovich gives his best in the more folkish songs (For Young And Old, What The Answer Would Be, When Sundown Takes Yo Home, About A Place To Know, I Promise), intimist ballads filled with existential and utopian lyrics, deeply in line with the Sixties folk tradition.
This precious debut album is imbued with an enchanting expressive solitude that culminates in the inspired piano ballad The Falling Rain.