Misty Lane was born as Garage fanzine in September 1989. Since the early poor xerox copies to the last two glossy paper issues published – until 2006 – Misty Lane has continuously grown, adding a vinyl 45 or a free CD compilation in some cases. Since the early issues written in English Misty Lane has been one of the longest running Garage Fanzine in Europe highly considered for its contents (exclusive articles and interviews with 60s and new Garage, Psych, R’n’R acts; Literature, Arts, Cinema and featuring in every issue dozen of pages filled with records, magazine and books reviews.
Issues # 21, 20 and 17 only last.

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By Jerome Blanes. Edited by Massimo del Pozzo

“Originally published in a Dutch language edition in the Nederlands in 1997, Jerome Blanes’ thoroughly researched biography of The Outsiders is finally available in English,thanks to the hard work of Misty Lane’s Massimo del Pozzo. This new edition has undergone extensive revisions and updates and is profusely illustrated with more than 200 rare photos and illustrations.mostly black and white. I can’t imagine any Outsiders fan not being completely satisfied by its contents.”
Mike Stax, Ugly Things Magazine.

“A fascinating read acompanied by some great photos… Well done Massimo and Jerome I loved it and so will you!”
Rob Bailey, N.U.T.S.

“It’s timely in the extreme that this marvelous book is finally seeing an English-language release, a decade after Blanes’Dutch-only original. Here in full we get the truth about Wally’s exotic roots, and the untold stories of juvenile aggro and alienation that fed into the band’s anarchic violence and frenzy; we get tales of the strangely innocent early dazeof the early Dutch underground and sad stories from the opiate-soaked later years; we get a superb overview of a small country undergoing a youth explosion in the mid to late ‘60s and we get the inside schtick of the whole shebang from bandmembers,friends,roadies,producers and other band members. Running chronologically,this labour of love comes complete with over 250 images (including plenty of full-color gems), a remarkable list of gigs played, reproductions ofold articlesand so much more. A fitting Tribute to one of the era’s most singular and idiosyncratic acts,this tome won’t be around forever so grab your copy whilst it’s still hot to trot.”
Hugh Dellar, Shindig! Magazine