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Misty Lane
is a record label, a magazine and a cultural association. Since its establishment in 1989, it has covered a pivotal role on the neo-sixties scene and is currently considered amongst the best European independent labels for this specific genre. Through the reissue of albums and rare material compilations from the Sixties together with modern bands with a highly vintage and philological sound, Misty Lane Records has paid a significant contribution to the rebirth of Garage/Neo Psychedelic sound of the 90s, fulfilling more than 250 productions ranging from demo-tapes to CDs and, mostly, vinyls.

As a label, eased by the support of the shop/mailorder, its main target it to discover and issue Beat, Rock’nRoll, Surf, Garage-Beat rarities back from the mid-70s as much as Mod-Freakbeat, psychedelic up to Prog and Acid Rock rarities back from the very early 70s Record productions of contemporary bands (mostly 45s) were all labeled Misty Lane until 1997. From ’97 on, all bands have been labeled with the sub-label Teen  Sound Records which ever since has been in charge of the production of ‘modern’ bands. Thus, since 1997, Teen Sound Records is the brand specializing in international record productions of contemporary bands and, to date, it boasts over 80 productions whereas Misty Lane is exclusively committed to reissuing rare and ‘obscure’ material from the sixties.
Together with the establishment of Misty Lane in 1989 came the foundation of the magazine of the same name drafted in English only which, for more than 20 years, has represented the building of a bridge between the Italian and the international scene covering old and new bands, cinema, design and, nevertheless, critical custom and social aspects of the sixties. In fact, Misty Lane Magazine started off as a Garage fanzine eager to search for unknown sixties music and contemporary bands which, through a painstaking almost archeological investigations would bring back that type of style and culture. For the first few years the fanzine was more of an underground magazine which would sell around a few hundred copies. The turning point arrived in the 90s when it became a real  magazine. Some editions would come with a vinyl attached and, since 2003 each edition comes with a compilation as a guide through the reading of the magazine. Misty Lane Magazine has been valued as amongst the best magazines in this specialized industry together with Ugly Things and the recent Shindig! It has now reached 10.000 copies and is distributed globally, in import book shops and nationwide via librerie Feltrinelli.

Massimo Del Pozzo is the founder of Misty Lane: journalist, musician, record producer, DJ, radio speaker and event manager.
In 1999, Misty Lane was redefined as a ‘Cultural Association’ and, so far, it has organized events, taken part actively in festivals, music fairs, concerts and all sorts of events somehow relevant to the 60s culture. In 2000 the association celebrated its first decade on the scene with the EXPO Festival 2000 managing to feature for the first time ever in Europe the legendary Chocolate Watchband (famous band of the 60s in California which would hit venues side by side with the Doors and Love) at La Palma Club (now called Monk) in Rome and 10 other Italian bands which shared the stage with the roman band The Others (lead by Massimo Del Pozzo) and the forerunners of the purest revival beat sound having over the years created a solid interest in these sounds: Scottish Thanes. Two more festival were then organized in 2008 (Cattolica) and 2009 in Terni.
Also, in 2009 the association issued the book: “OUTSIDERS BY INSIDERS”. A translation from Dutch to English, the book is a unique document covering the 1960s Dutch beat scene and, more in detail, about the Outsiders and their frontman Wally Tax. The book is also enriched by over 200 pages of pics, newspaper articles, discographies etc.
Since 2015 Misty Lane and Teen Sound have been joined by a new label, Crytmo Records founded by Massimo del Pozzo and Alessandra Monoriti. This label focuses on the production of new artists who roam in the Neo-Folk, Blues, Americana scope. So far, three albums have been produced: “From Bedlam to Lenane” by Ilaria Graziano and Francesco Forni, famous Nepolitan/Roman duo; the homonymous debut album by a young folksinger Londoner Pete Kosanovich and “A Simple Present” by Milo Scaglioni, a young musician living between Manchester Rome and Milan.

The graphic presentation (conducted by Alessandra Monoriti) and the sound (productions, mixing and mastering: Delta Studios Rome) are the strongholds of Misty Lane/Teen Sound/Crytmo productions.
After almost thirty years since its establishment, Misty Lane still carries out its feverish activities also operating as distributor of smaller cult labels;  with Mailorder (Discogs and Blomming) specialising in Garage, Beat, Freakbeat, Mod, R’n’R, Lounge, Northern soul, Funky, Powerpop. Thousands of vinyl albums, CDs, films, books, fanzines, t-shirts, posters and gadgets.